Femine Hygiene System

Everyday millions of women produce sanitary waste that needs to be disposed of safely, responsibly and with minimum harm on the environment. TC's feminine hygiene bis are designed to meet the needs of today's modern world, providing a safe and hygienic way to dispose of sanitary waste.


  • Attractive, slimline bins that fit most washrooms comfortably.
  • Deep, ribbed chute that prevents waste adhesion and promotes better hygiene.
  • Curved hood prevents objects being placed on the top of the bin.
  • Made from strong, durable and easy to clean ABS that does not absorb odours and retains its colour.
  • Robust pedal designed for long-term use.
  • Touch-free operation promotes best hygiene.
  • Sturdy, high quality unit that is easy to assemble and handle – 2-4 empty bins can be carried at a time.
  • ‘Dry system’ bins are lined so the interior is never soiled.
  • Smooth surface that is easy to clean and keep hygienic.
  • Interchangeable parts, to that in the event of damage lids and flaps can be replaced rather than the whole unit.

Sanisense BottleFeatures:

SaniSense Controlled Waste Biocide. Sanisense automatically activates when sanitary waste is placed in the sanitary bin and is effective for up to eight weeks. Pathogens and harmful bacteria are deactivated and restrained from multiplying, ensuring safe storage of soiled dressings. At the same time, odor neutralisers kill bas odors and freshness is maintained.

  • Available in 1 kG bottles with 50 metered 20 gm doses or individual 20 gram sachets.
  • Large blue granular formulation that prevents dust formation protects Sanitary Hygienists from dust inhalation and makes it easy to check for service quality.
  • ‘Dry’ vapor action that degrades waste material while suppressing bad odours and presenting a pleasant fragrance – does not create sulphur dioxide
  • Effective against MRSA, Hepatitis A & B

Bin LinersFeatures:

  • Addition in web site
  • Bin Liners White plastic draw-string liners
  • 15 bags per roll, 25 rolls per case
  • Dimensions: 710 x 615mm




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