Femine Hygiene System
SaniPod A contemporary and conveniently designed sanitary disposal system created with the new-age woman in mind. Sanitary disposal is a sensitive problem faced by women in the corporate corridors as well as other business establishments. This further poses serious problems for the facility management. SaniPodTM not only takes care of the feminine hygiene but also ensures that your organization cares for the well-being of its female employees and customers.


sanipodSaniPodTM Auto :
  • It guarantees activation first time, every time and only when required.
  • The touch-free design creates a first-class experience for women by minimising the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Silent operation ensures total discretion.
  • Offering the ultimate in performance, the touch-free technology is contained within the wall bracket sensor box ensuring the electronics are permanently installed on each site.
  • The benefit of removing the touch-free electronics from the SaniPodô protects the technology from the cleaning process and reduces the risk for damage and misuse, resulting in total reliability and providing a cost efficient total exchange service process.

sanipod-manualSaniPodTM Manual :
  • It provides a unique and exclusive option when touch-free technology is not required.
  • The telescoping top has been designed with a lifting ring, positioned purposefully away from the opening where waste is deposited. This minimises contact for the user and reduces the negative perceptions that women associate with existing manually operated sanitary units.
  • The rotating cap allows access from any angle with the wall mounting feature providing an innovative solution to all washrooms.

SaniPodTM Liners :

  • It is manufactured to fit precisely with no unsightly plastic over-wrap, ensuring the aesthetics of the SaniPodô are maintained at all times.
  • SaniPodô liners are easy to service with the elasticated top providing a self-closing action when removed from the SaniPodô, offering a smart solution with minimal contact and efficient results.
  • In order to meet all environmental standards and government requirements, SaniPodô liners are made of oxo-biodegradable plastics.


Dispenser size: H 705mm x W 204mm x D 160mm



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