Surface Care - Toilet Seat Sanitizer

The System
An easy to use Toilet Seat Cleaning system which ensures a clean toilet seat for the user. The specially developed “Take a Seat” cleaning liquid is sprayed on the toilet paper, which is used to wipe the toilet seat. The “Take a Seat” liquid evaporates quickly leaving a clean surface for the user.

Users of washrooms are faced with toilet seats that have visible and invisible contamination. Even when a periodic cleaning program exists, deposits from previous users are present. This Toilet Seat Cleaning system is easy to use and ensures a clean toilet seat.

"Take a Seat" Liquid

• Liquid is stored in a lightweight plastic pouch with Clean Clic® connector.

• The cleaning liquid contains a high percentage of alcohol.

• The liquid is pleasantly perfumed.

• 99% biodegradable.


The Technology
The dispenser contains a closed pump system, that ensures the correct dosing of the "Take a Seat" liquid. The Clean Clic@ connector opens when the pouch is connected on the pump and closes automatically when the refill is removed.

The Advantages

• An effective solution compared to more complicated and expensive systems.

• “Take a Seat” liquid dries quickly.

• Cost effective.

• Secured with an integrated lock.

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