Surface Care - Autojanitor


Automatic Cleaning & Hygiene System

The NEUTRALLE AutoJanitor is a '3-in-2' system that provides automatic cleaning and deodourising with outstanding germ kill for toilets and urinals. It is ideal for small or medium sized washrooms where a dual system is all that is needed.

  • Powerful organic fragrances continuously neutralise odours in the air and at source.
  • Automatic constant and continuous cleaning of all ceramic surfaces exposed to flushing.
  • Kills germs, maintains hygiene standards and meets public demand for higher standards of hygiene.
  • Reduces maintenance through automatic dispensing and refill indicators.

System Features:

  • Delivers 6,000 metered doses per refill.
  • Dispenser size: 252mm (h) x 113mm (w) x 92mm (d).
  • Continuous refill and battery life indicators.
  • Dispensing programmes based on refill life: 15, 30 or 60 days.
  • One-way in-line valve prevents leakage and combats high water pressure.
  • Safe formulations that are 100% compliant with EC legislation.
  • 5 year guarantee on dispenser.
  • Operates with 2 d-cell alkaline batteries that last for up to 1 year.
  • CE approved.
  • Material safety data sheets available.


 Autojanitor Refills - Bio Products
Bio Flush
Bio-Flush is designed specifically to attack uric salt and organic deposits that cause blockages in pipes and drains.

It is a drain maintainer and will prevent deposit build-up from occurring, helping to keep drains flowing free.

Bio-Flush is a biologically based cleaning product that works by eating the waste deposits built-up in drains. It kills odours by introducing friendly bacteria that kill and eat away at the deposits and odour-causing bacteria.

Bio Sense
Bio-Sense is the ideal solution for washrooms that have either a water management system in operation or that are used by a high number of people every day.

Water management systems are usually installed to reduce water consumption significantly and therefore save money. This means that there is usually very little water flowing into urinals and there can be long periods between flushing.

Water managed washrooms or high traffic urinals can lead to a big build-up of uric salt, making it difficult to maintain a clean, fresh and deposit-free system.

What's needed is a system with a chemical that works where there is a lack of water and where urine is almost continuously present.


 Autojanitor Refills - Cleaner & Deodorisers

Ambience: Sense of Wisdom. Cool and Calming
A fragrance that contains fresh juicy mango with cool melon and cucumber notes.

Ambience: Sense of adventure. Youthful and full of fun
Sweet mandarin orange and tart grapefruit and lemon play with sweet vanilla.

Floral Sense
Ambience: Bright and Bloomy
Sweet flowers in a lush country garden encounter fresh citrus and sweet musk.

Ambience: Sense of confidence. Fresh and invigorating
Floral and fruit notes interact with green and marine scents.

Vibrant Sense
Ambience: Exciting and stimulating
Green woody notes enlivened by effervescent lemon and lime

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